Pure Copper Hammered Jug (1.3L)

Pure Copper Hammered Jug (1.3L)


The Matyck  Handmade 100% Pure Copper Hammered Jug is an elegant addition to any home for storing your own water or for when you have guests over.

Drinking out of a copper vessel has Ayurvedic Health Benefits, pure copper has natural anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties and has been used for hundreds of years to stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

Each Pure Copper Hammered Jug is handmade by our wonderful Artisans, no jug is exactly the same.

Jug holds approximately 1.3 Litres – the actual size varies slightly as they are handmade by Indian Artisans.

To clean, simply use lemon and salt with warm water.
** Not safe for Dishwasher **

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Pure Copper Hammered Jug (1.3L)

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