Copper Water Bottle 950ml - Imperfectly Perfect

Copper Water Bottle 950ml - Imperfectly Perfect


** Damaged Stock **

This batch of bottles has slight imperfections that occurred during manufacturing. These blemishes are mainly on the lids with few on the bottles, after daily use these scratches would appear normally over time however these have been received already with the imperfections. Grab a bargain, these make great gifts!

** Please note, there is no return or exchange on damaged stock. Stock is sold as-is **

Matyck Ayurvedic Pure Copper Water Bottle is a natural purification device. It offers several benefits including purifying water by eliminating germs, and other harmful agents.

Increases the body’s immunity through antioxidant agents, improves cardiovascular health, provides anti-inflammatory properties, neutralises toxins, helps the body heal faster in case of wounds and makes your body overall healthier and more centred.

We provide 100% pure copper body which is BPA free and hand-crafted by Indian Artisans with great care. One bottle stores up to 32 Oz/ 950ml of water.

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Copper Water Bottle 950ml - Imperfectly Perfect

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