Matyck: Health, wellbeing and sustainability is our thing.

A business built on passion

Coming from a background of over 20 years in the fitness industry, we know how important your health and wellbeing is. 

From our love of health and wellbeing coupled with our passion of a sustainable planet and Ayurvedic Medicine we started Matyck to bring products to the market that we use in our everyday lives.


With many years of research we have come to love and understand Ayurvedic Medicine as the oldest holistic health science.

The Matyck Pure Copper Water Bottle is our first product due to the Ayurvedic health benefits of pure copper.

Whilst we want to make everyday products we use in our lives easily accessible to everyone, we are also little eco-warriors and strive to ensure our products are made in a sustainable environment whilst also being packaged with a minimal footprint on our planet.

Copper is a natural anti-bacterial, it was an obvious starting point however we are currently developing new products to compliment our range. 

Stay tuned!


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